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North Pacific charters and Ketchikan charter boats have been locally owned and operated for over 30 years in Ketchikan. We have been catering to the cruise ship industry since the beginning with our unparalleled world-class fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska, With our four-hour charter fishing, and more. All our Captains are licensed with the state ADF&G and hold a six-pack charter license, They are CPR certified, insured, and USCG checked for the proper emergency equipment.

Charter fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska, on a world-class four-hour charter fishing trip 

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Why should I book with North Pacific Charters?

At North Pacific Charters in Ketchikan, we book single guests on our
Four-hour salmon fishing charters.

If you are our only guest on the four-hour charter fishing trip that day, you still go fishing!

* All other charters require 4 guests minimum to book*

* All other charter fishing requires four guests minimum to book*

We also book private charter fishing trips on any one of our fishing charters or sightseeing, Price may vary depending on the type of trip. Choose your charter all prices listed in the booking calandar.

Book as Single guests on our four-hour salmon charter

Have you ever dreamed of Fishing in Ketchikan Alaska in protected, calm waters?

Ketchikan has many small islands that protect us from the harsh winds and waves.

Ketchikan Alaska, known as the Salmon Capital of the World, is your best chance to catch fresh Alaskan salmon or halibut. No big waves! Ketchikan’s location along the inside passage is called the Tongass Narrows. It is a protected waterway that is seven miles long and over a mile deep in places and offers some of the best salmon and halibut fishing in Alaska. Not to mention top-notch sightseeing opportunities abound. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a fishing trip or a wildlife tour. Chances are you will get some great photos. Do not forget the camera. Check out more information on what you may see and what is involved is described below.

After you meet your Captain on the Ketchikan Alaska pier:

Looking for your last name on our sign, Ketchikan charter boats it is a short walk right to your fishing boat, which holds no more than six guests. All our Alaska charter fishing boats range from 28 to 40 feet in length and have enclosed heated cabins and private restrooms—the nautical term for toilet this head.

our most popular charter: Book cruise ship four-hour charter fishing adventure today!

Getting ready to go!

Before Setting out from Ketchikan, your Captain will get ready by giving you a quick safety brief. IE: Start and stop the fishing vessel and steer to find all the gear for safety flares, medical and life vests. And how to hail the US Coast Guard on the marine radio. Channel 16.

The Captain also gets all Alaska state fishing licenses filled out and collected in USD. All guests ages 16 and older must have a state of Alaska fishing license. As you head to the fishing spot, there is a seven-knot no-wake zone to navigate. Travel time only takes about 20 minutes. At that point, it is time to fish for Alaskan salmon. With your Ketchikan fishing excursion, your experienced Coast Guard-licensed captain will answer your questions about fishing and the local Ketchikan area. Depending on the time of year you are in Ketchikan, Alaska, these are the four Alaska salmon we fish for out of five Alaskan salmon species. King, silver, pink, and chum salmon are the runs that abound in Alaskan Tongass Narrows’ sheltered waters.

About your captain:

All our certified Ketchikan fishing captains have learned exactly what catches any of these salmon or halibut over the many years fishing the Ketchikan Alaska Tongass Narrows. As you start to fish, the Captain will take care of everything. He will get all the bait, lures, and downriggers set up for you. On the longer Halibut fishing trips, the distance you travel before fishing will vary as it takes a little longer to get to these spots.

How we catch all the best salmon:

All local Alaskan fisher Men & Women trolls and uses downriggers. A downrigger is a device used while fishing using the trolling method; this gets the bait or lures down to the fish’s depth. A downrigger is similar to a small winch with a two to a five-foot adjustable pole or boom that carries a lead cannonball shaped weight, commonly 12 to 20 pounds, by a stainless steel cable (Or Heavy Duty Braided Downrigger Line). A clip, also known as a release, attaches a fishing line to the cannonball or steel cable above the lead weight. And allows the bait or lure to attract and excite the fish in just the right way.

The pole is Placed in a pole holder until the fish bites the hook. When the fish bites the hook and pulls the line out of the clip, the pole flips up. You lift the pole straight up out of the pole holder, and it is you and the fish. (sometimes it may need to be pulled out of the release). It is sometimes a problem for guests to feel they are fishing when they are not hanging on to a pole. However, this is the only way to catch Alaska salmon.

What you may see:

Even though this is a fishing charter, there is an excellent chance to see some local wildlife. Birds – whales, seals, sea otter, porpoise, sea lions – Might be surprise guests. Ketchikan’s Majestic bald eagles fly overhead, and at times they may swoop down near your boat, fishing for its catch of the day and allowing you a stellar Alaska wildlife photo opportunity.


With this Ketchikan charter, All Fishing gear, tackle, and bait needed to catch your Alaskan salmon or halibut, soda, and water, and, of course, raingear, Although you may bring your light rain jacket and be more comfortable.

Additional cost:

City tax @ 8%

Alaska State Fishing licenses

Please check the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website for current retention regulations for non-resident charter fishing. All guests ages 16 and older must have a license.

You may also choose to have your catch processed and shipped home for an additional fee.

All fishing and Sightseeing charter information can be found and booked at the link below. 2.5-hour Sightseeing Six-hour and Eight-hour fishing charters with North Pacific Charters require Four minimum guests.

More fishing charter details

Our business North Pacific Charters is locally owned, owner-operated, and we have over 27+ years in the fishing industry in Ketchikan, Alaska. This fishing adventure takes place on an average thirty-foot in length US coast guard safety inspected charter vessel. All have inside heated cabin space and a private restroom and plenty of deck space for up to six people. Soda, water, and raingear are onboard every vessel. This adventure is a High-quality, enjoyable trip that is customizable to your needs.

Quick Answers to most asked questions
Each Ketchikan vessel is restricted to carry six paid guests/soles on board. Have more than six let us know as you have the option to have more than one charter vessel.

This Ketchikan Alaska charter fishing adventure is small and the reason why every seat is the same price.

If you have more than six guests or need a particular meeting time email us and check availability. You have the option to have more than one vessel that will fish the same area it’s up to you!

Direct link to our fishing charter questions.

Quick Answers to most asked questions

Each vessel is restricted to carry six paid guests/soles on board. Have more than six let us know as you have the option to have more than one vessel.

This fishing adventure is small and the reason why every seat is the same price.

Private chartered boats are also available for one up to six guests each.

If you have more than six guests or need a particular meeting time email us and check availability. You have the option to have more than one vessel that will fish the same area it’s up to you!

A complete list of answers can be found at this link “Fishing trip”

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cruise ship four-hour charter fishing
Cruise ship four-hour charter fishing