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Tripadvisor Reviews

Ketchikan Charter Boats Saved the Day!

Nena T “Five Stars”

We originally booked with Alaska Sportfishing Adventures, LLC early Spring 2019 for an Excursion on September 8, 2019. Needless to say, we were excited and planned ahead for our adventure.
We received a call from this group at 9:20 a.m.on the 8th to tell us they had to cancel our 9:45 a.m. meeting time due to a problem with the boat. Ketchikan Charter Boats stepped in with a 5-minute notice to help resolve the situation.

Things happen for a reason! Captain Dan took over and shared his knowledge and experience for the next 4 hours. He is a true character with many hours on the water. We had several bites in the first 15 minutes at the first location. We were definitely in the right area. Overall, caught 3 large gorgeous Coho salmon (one being the largest catch of the day)!

Thank you, Captain Dan, for saving the day! Most importantly, thank you for showing us a great time fishing in Ketchikan. It was a wonderful experience. We truly enjoyed our time on the water. I would highly recommend fishing with Ketchikan Charter Boats!

Experience date: September 2019

Great day for fishing

B Debes “Five Stars”

I booked this charter for a 4-hour fishing trip this past week. It was great. But before I get into the details of the trip, I wanted to share a few details about the process of booking the trip.

I was on a Celebrity cruise ship from Seward to Vancouver. I did not book a ‘shore excursion’ for Ketchikan. However, the night before we arrived, my two boys (ages 20 and 17) said they wanted to go fishing. I checked with the “shore excursion” desk on the cruise ship, but they said they were sold out for fishing trips. The desk clerk told me to disembark and check with a few of the fishing tour operators who have kiosks on the pier. So I did. I went to the Visitor’s Center and met Tina with Ketchikan Carter Boats. She was very nice and very helpful. She made a few calls and was able to get a guide (Kevin) to take us. It was just the three of us and the guide. We initially booked the charter as a “salmon fishing trip” — but Kevin said that he had taken a few other groups out that morning and they did not have any success with salmon. So I told him to just take us wherever he thought we might catch some fish — knowing that the boys would be happier if they caught something. So Kevin took us rock fishing and we caught 12-15 rock-fish (coppers). We released all — but we caught a few nice size ones. After an hour or so of rock fishing, I asked Kevin to take us to the salmon runs. We trolled for less than 5 minutes and hooked a 26″ king salmon. We released it. We ended up catching two more salmon, including one Coho (a keeper — we gave it to Kevin to eat). Kevin was really a nice young man (30’s).

He has lots of knowledge of the Alaskan wilderness and had lots of stories to tell us. I would definitely recommend this outfit if you want to go fishing while in Ketchikan. Show less

June 2019

Three reasons to fish with these guys…

John and Sharon Travel 

1. Captain Dan is the most experienced skipper in Ketchikan…BY FAR! Over his 30+ years in Ketchikan, he’s made over 3,000 fishing expeditions. He knows the waters, he knows the rules and he knows how t To catch fish.

2. Dan and Troy are the most ethical guys in Ketchikan. Dan wasn’t about to let me keep my 24″ King Salmon, no matter how much I begged. (The minimum keeper is 28″.)

They respect nature…on the way back to the docks, we were coming up on a pod of Orcas. One of the local open hull fishing boats came screaming in front of us, crossed our bow and headed straight towards the Orcas. Dan actually started veering AWAY from the Orcas to give them room. God then rewarded the good guys, because the Orcas swam diagonally towards our wake and away from the idiots.

3. Not all boats are created equally. For lack of a better description, Dan’s boat is like the SS Minnow (think Gilligan’s Island.) It’s safe and comfortable. There were SIX people fishing on the idiot’s open hull boat!

Here a bonus reason…Troy (the business manager) went fishing with us so that we could fish with an extra line (one line per person.) The 4 hours went by really fast because I enjoyed the friendly conversation with Dan and Troy. Show less

September 2019

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