Cruise Ship Passengers:

Ketchikan Fish Processing forms are on-board every vessel for shipping fish. All charter vessels carry this form!

The captain delivers your fish and Processing form to the processor at no additional charge. They will take your fish & original copy, and they tag all your fish with a number that keeps your fish together, so you get back what you caught, Not someone else’s. 

They fillet, clean, vacuum seal and flash freeze your catch. (Pounds are fillet weight only)There is also the option of having your score smoked and sent home to you. 

There is a place to put a date for shipment of the finished product, So if you want your fish tomorrow, you will put today’s date in that spot. Your box of frozen Alaskan Fish would arrive tomorrow. 

Talk to the captain about shipping fees dates, as they are on top of the game when it concerns how long it might take to get the fish sent! 

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Can you put a price on fresh Alaskan Salmon that you caught yourselves?

There are three individual charges, and to of them are by weight. Giving an estimate is where it gets tricky. We do not have control of Fed-ex pricing to know what a pound costs to ship to any particular zip code — The pounds of the finished product & the price of the unique fish box.

If you ask any of our captains, they will tell you its about $18.00 a pound finished product to your door. Maybe a little high can’t tell. 

See the below example:

2019 One guest emailed and their 20-pound box shipped from Alaska to Florida cost $265.00, that’s only 13.25 a pound. That’s not so bad! One must also consider that not all fish are equal. You can not compare it to store-bought fish as to how it was handled, caught, or raised.

Some are not good for your health!  

Have a Fed-Ex account?

They will use the account number for the shipping of the fish, leaving the smaller amount that gets charged to your card. 

Note: Guests may not bring their catch back on board. 

Other Guests:

If you are in town for an Alaskan Fishing adventure for the day or multiple days  

Chances are you can get your catch done and be able to pick it up the next morning. If you have several days to stack up just let them know to keep adding to your order. 

You can take your catch on Alaska Air as luggage it must be under 50 pounds & labeled with species and about how many pounds of each. 

Sea-Tac airport also offers storage services this includes freezer space, so if you have a lengthy layover, or are there for the day no worries they got you covered!

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