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Another great 2019 review for Captain Dan

Three reasons to fish with these guys…

1. Captain Dan is the most experienced skipper in Ketchikan…BY FAR! Over his 30+ years in Ketchikan, he’s made over 3,000 fishing expeditions. He knows the waters, he knows the rules and he knows how to catch fish.

2. Dan and Troy are the most ethical guys in Ketchikan. Dan wasn’t about to let me keep my 24″ King Salmon, no matter how much I begged. (The minimum keeper is 28″.)

They respect nature…on the way back to the docks, we were coming up on a pod of Orcas. One of the local open hull fishing boats came screaming in front of us, crossed our bow and headed straight towards the Orcas. Dan actually started veering AWAY from the Orcas to give them room. God then rewarded the good guys, because the Orcas swam diagonally towards our wake and away from the idiots.

3. Not all boats are created equally. For lack of a better description, Dan’s boat is like the SS Minnow (think Gilligan’s Island.) It’s safe and comfortable. There were SIX people fishing on the idiot’s open hull boat!

Here a bonus reason…Troy (the business manager) went fishing with us so that we could fish with an extra line (one line per person.) The 4 hours went by really fast because I enjoyed the friendly conversation with Dan and Troy.

A review for Captain Danny on 6/22/19

Fantastic experience
My dad and I fished with Captain Danny on 6/22/19. I’m not one to usually leave online reviews, but felt compelled to do so in this case!

The captain met us at the dock at around 11 AM and was ready to start our experience immediately. Danny is incredibly knowledgeable, easy to get along with, and was prepared to make our experience as positive as possible.

At the end of our journey, we ended us catching about 51 pounds of king salmon, paid approximately $520 to have it processed and shipped to KS, and had us back to our cruise ship in plenty of time for our departure.

In an industry of hit-and-miss guiding services, Danny was a blast to hang out with, was every bit as excited as us to catch fantastic fish, and I will undoubtedly work with him again the next time we visit the great state of Alaska. In the meantime, don’t miss out!!

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