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Salmon, since the beginning, has always been valued by its fat content. The fat content corresponds with richness in the mouth (though not invariably with the best flavor).

Here are the five major Pacific salmon varieties, listed in order of Fat content and taste:

The four species of salmon we troll for:

  • King (chinook). The most decadent fresh salmon, the king, is the highest in fat and usually the most valuable, cherished for its smooth, melting texture. King salmon has a strong fish taste.
  • Silver (coho) Has fatty, reddish-orange meat and has been called one of the best-tasting salmon. Although coho costs less than king salmon, its essence is still comparatively High. Silver’s are a medium fatty salmon with nearly two times the oil content of pink and chum salmon, but less than sockeyes or kings.
  • Pink (humpies) Is the smallest wild Pacific salmon, and its flesh is light pink. This salmon is mild-flavored, smoother than most salmon, has a small flake, and includes a relatively low oil amount.
  • Chum (dog). Like pink, chum is netted in high numbers and is lower in fat than other varieties; when it spawns in intertidal rivers, it doesn’t need to build up energy to swim upstream. However, its eggs are the most prized of the five varieties because of their size and quality. These eggs are what you find on some different kinds of sushi rolls.

Bottom fish:

  • Halibut is a lean fish with mild, sweet-tasting white meat, large flakes, and a firm but tender character. Because of its leanness, this fish becomes dried out if overcooked. I like Halibut deep fried!
  • Yellow eye (red snapper) This rockfish has a lean, firm texture. This fish’s flesh is white, delicate, and mild, tinted pink from its red skin, and has a mildly agreeable taste. It is delicious any way you cook it.
  • Other fish. There are many other strange bottom fish to catch out there, and I have not tried many of them. Shark as an example not too unusual as a species, but as a menu item? I tried it at a restaurant, and it was not bad. It tasted like Halibut, although the shark was a little overcooked. With any Seafood, the worst thing to do is overcook it!

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